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The single largest source of wasted energy in buildings results from ventilation requirements. There’s a better way: enVerid’s award-winning HVAC Load Reduction (HLR) modules clean the air in buildings so that indoor air can be safely recirculated. This allows outside air requirements to be reduced by up to 85% using ASHRAE’s performance-based Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP), which is part of Standard 62.1, the Standard for Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality. Including HLR modules on your project also helps you earn a significant number of LEED and WELL points.

Generate up to 17 LEED credits with HLR technology

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, or LEED, is the U.S. Green Building Council’s globally recognized “green” building certification program that provides a framework to develop healthy, efficient, and sustainable buildings. 

Implementing HLR technology can help buildings earn LEED points in the Energy & Atmosphere (EA), Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ), and Innovation (IN) credit areas. New construction projects can use HLR technology to earn up to 12 LEED points, and existing building projects can use HLR technology to earn up to 17 LEED points. Learn more here.

In 2019, enVerid and TLC Engineering announced the first ever LEED Gold Certification using the new indoor air quality pilot credit from the U.S. Green Building Council. Southwest Florida Community Foundation (SWFCF) earned nine LEED points by deploying enVerid’s HLR modules.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Earn up to 6 WELL credits

The WELL Building Standard, or WELL, is the International WELL Building Institute’s (IWBI) globally recognized building certification program that provides a framework to advance the health and well-being of building occupants. 

Implementing HLR technology can help buildings earn up to 5 preconditions and 6 optimization points in the WELL Air concept category. Click here for more information.

WELL A05 Credits for HLR Modules

Earn CE hours for your LEED & WELL certifications

Our free online course, Improve IAQ, Reduce Carbon Emissions, and Save Energy Through Performance-Based Ventilation Design, will teach you what you need to know about the ASHRAE 62.1 Indoor Air Quality Procedure, including how IAQP used with air cleaning can help achieve LEED® v4 BD+C: New Construction and O+M: Existing Buildings and WELL v2™ certification.. You can earn 1.5 hours (including HSW) from AIA, GBCI, WELL, ASHRAE, and many other organizations. Learn more here.

Healthy Buildings by Joseph G. Allen and John D. Macomber

Recommended by Healthy Buildings and IAQ Experts

Healthy Buildings by Joseph G. Allen, Director of the Healthy Buildings program at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health and John D. Macomber of Harvard Business School has this to say about enVerid’s technology (pg. 227-228):

Then there are companies working on better ways to clean the air. …like enVerid, which can install a system within your existing ductwork to capture and purge VOCs, CO2, and other chemicals.”


“We chose to single out these particular companies because we’ve gotten to know them well. We’ve met with dozens of executives from different organizations, and there is a reason these companies show up in our book: we think they are doing it right, or are on the path to doing it right.”

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