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Your goal is keeping your team busy by winning new projects and delivering those projects on schedule and on budget. To accurately price projects and protect margins, you need clear scopes, detailed installation guides, and no surprises. In some cases, delivering a project on budget means value engineering a project to get costs down. If you are managing a prime retrofit project, then you also need to be responsive to client demands for cost effective, energy efficient solutions that can be delivered on time and on budget.

Regardless of your specific goal or the stage of your project, enVerid can help.

Why specify HLR modules?

enVerid’s award-winning HVAC Load Reduction (HLR) modules clean the air in buildings so that indoor air can be safely recirculated. This allows outside air requirements to be reduced by up to 85% using ASHRAE’s performance-based Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP), which is part of Standard 62.1, the Standard for Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality.

Designing HLR modules into a project delivers the following benefits for owners and prime contractors:

  • Save up to $25,000 per HLR module by downsizing HVAC equipment
  • Lower HVAC energy costs by up to 40% by reducing load on HVAC systems
  • Extend the life of HVAC filters and equipment with lower outside air requirements
  • Earn up to 17 LEED points and 2 preconditions and 5 optimization points in the WELL Air concept
  • Improve occupant health and productivity with better indoor air quality

For more information on the benefits of designing HLR modules into your next project click here.

Are you bidding on a project with HLR modules or installing HLR modules on a job?

enVerid’s HLR modules have been designed by experienced HVAC contractors for ease of install with a wide range of building and system types.  

To access installation guides for different HLR products click here.

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Are you using HLR modules to value engineer a project?

Adding HLR modules to a project that is over budget can help you get the project back on budget by reducing outside air requirements and downsizing other components of the HVAC system.  

The following are examples of where first cost savings can be realized when HLR modules are used: 

  • Downsize dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) 
  • Eliminate or downsize energy recovery ventilation (ERV) 
  • Downsize the rooftop unit (RTU) or air handler unit (AHU) capacities 
  • Downsize cooling plant capacities  
  • Downsize heating plant capacities  
  • Reduce chilled water and hot water pump and piping size 
  • Reduce outside air and exhaust duct size

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Are you maintaining HLR modules for a client?

Maintenance requirements for HLR modules are minimal. Cartridges need to be replaced every 24 months and sensors installed with the HLR module (if applicable) need to be recalibrated according to the sensor manufacturer recommendation (typically every 5 years).  

Replacement cartridges may be purchased through enVerid’s local Manufacturer Representative or factory direct. Replacement parts may be purchased factory direct.

To access maintenance guides for HLR products click here.

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