William Bahnfleth, PhD, Chair, ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force

COVID-19 & Indoor Air Quality: New Best Practices webinar series

October 22, 2020

Dr. William Bahnfleth, P.E., FASHRAE, FASME, FISIAQ

Chair, ASHRAE Epidemic Taskforce, Professor of Architectural Engineering, Penn State

ASHRAE’s COVID-19 Mitigation Recommendations for HVAC Systems

Dr. Bahnfleth’s presentation included:

  • The creation of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force, which he chairs
  • The evolution of ASHRAE’s guidance
  • The latest recommendations from the Epidemic Task Force for mitigating COVID-19 risk indoors
  • His experience as one of the most in-demand air quality experts in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic

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