Marwa Zaatari, PhD Chief Science Officer, Blue Box Air, enVerid AdvisorCOVID-19 & Indoor Air Quality: New Best Practices webinar series

November 10, 2020

Dr. Marwa Zaatari, P.E.

ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer; member, ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Commercial Buildings Subcommittee; Chief Science Officer, BlueBox Air, LLC

New Methods for Modeling COVID Mitigation Approaches

Dr. Zaatari’s presentation included these discussion points, among others:

  • New Core Principles from ASHRAE promote “effective ACH” approaches to reduce risk while minimizing associated energy penalties
  • There are many ways to calculate the relative risk of different strategies but no tools until now to compare the relative cost and carbon impact of different strategies
  • The new enVerid COVID Energy Estimator can be used to compare the cost and carbon impact of different ventilation, filtration, and air cleaning strategies with ACH-based risk scenarios
  • It is possible to reduce airborne transmission risk without a significant energy or carbon penalty

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