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Leading experts share the latest research on Indoor Air Quality

The series has finished, but you can still join enVerid for recorded webinars featuring experts at the leading edge of COVID-19 and indoor air quality (IAQ) research. From their positions on ASHRAE's Epidemic Task Force to their professional roles as professors, engineers, researchers, and corporate leaders, each of our speakers brings a wealth of experience and up-to-date knowledge to share about this quickly-evolving field. Speakers included Luke Leung, William Bahnfleth, and Marwa Zaatari.
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Marwa Zaatari, PhD Chief Science Officer, Blue Box Air, enVerid Advisor

Marwa Zaatari, Ph.D., P.E.
November 10, 2020
``New Methods for Modeling Covid-19 Mitigation Approaches``

Dr. Zaatari is an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and serves as a member of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Commercial Buildings Subcommittee. She is Chief Science Officer at BlueBox Air, LLC. Dr. Zaatari discussed tools for calculating the relative risk of multiple COVID-19 mitigation strategies, and introduced the enVerid COVID-19 Energy Estimator, a new tool that compares cost and carbon impact associated with different COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

Watch the recorded webinar

Watch the November 10, 2020 webinar "New Methods for Modeling COVID Mitigation Strategies" featuring speaker Marwa Zaatari, Ph.D., P.E.

Luke Leung, PE, LEED Fellow, Member ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force

Luke Leung, P.E., LEED Fellow
October 8, 2020
``The Latest Research on Airborne Transmission & Mitigation Strategies``

Mr. Leung is the Chair of the ASHRAE Epidemic Taskforce Commercial Buildings Subcommittee; a member of the UK Royal Academy of Engineering COVID-19 Task Force; and is Director of Sustainable Engineering at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. He shared the latest research on Airborne Transmission & Mitigation Strategies.
Luke Leung, PE, LEED Fellow, Member ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force

Watch the recorded webinar

Watch the October 8, 2020 webinar "The Latest Research on Transmission and Mitigation Strategies" featuring speaker Luke Leung, P.E., LEED® Fellow

William Bahnfleth, PhD, Chair, ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force

William Bahnfleth, Ph.D., P.E., FASHRAE, FASME, FISIAQ
October 22, 2020
``ASHRAE's COVID Mitigation Recommendations for HVAC Systems``

Dr. Bahnfleth chairs the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force and is a professor of Architectural Engineering at Penn State University. He shared the latest recommendations for COVID-19 mitigation from the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force.

Watch the recorded webinar

Watch the October 22, 2020 webinar "ASHRAE's COVID Mitigation Recommendations for HVAC Systems" featuring speaker Dr. William Bahnfleth, P.E., FASHRAE, FASME, FISIAQ