Improved Air Quality, Lower HVAC Costs

The HLR 15R is enVerid’s award-winning air cleaning product that uses Sorbent Ventilation Technology™ to remove CO2 and contaminants from indoor air so that it can be safely recirculated. This solution reduces first costs and operating costs for new and existing HVAC systems, lowers a building’s carbon footprint, and improves indoor air quality while also generating LEED® and WELL building credits. Indoor air quality is improved by removing indoor-generated contaminants and reducing the intake of outdoor pollutants. The HLR 15R solution is compliant under ASHRAE 62.1 and IMC 403.2. The HLR 15R module is designed for outdoor use, typically on a rooftop. The HLR 200M module is a model designed for indoor installations. 

Improve Air Quality
Save Energy
Reduce Costs
Remove CO2
Earn LEED/WELL Points
No Byproducts
enVerid HLR 200M Ventilation and Air Scrubbing

How the HLR 15R Works

Indoor Air Cleaning – One or more HLR 15R modules can be installed on the return air side of an air handling unit (AHU). Air is drawn into the 15R by internal fans, which blow the air through sorbent filters that capture and remove carbon dioxide (CO2) and other contaminants from the air stream. Without producing any byproducts, the HLR 15R then blows clean air back into the return. 

Automatic Self-Cleaning – The sorbents are designed to release captured contaminants upon heating. The 15R module is equipped with a built-in heater and performs a periodic regeneration process to self-clean the sorbents and expel contaminants outside the building. Regeneration is managed for optimal performance and minimal energy use. 

Outside Air Intake Reduction – By cleaning recirculated air, outside air ventilation rates can be safely reduced by up to 85%, and new HVAC equipment can be downsized, using the ASHRAE Standard 62.1 IAQ Procedure. 

1 The mass balance analysis is performed per contaminant and per zone to ensure all contaminants are properly below their established limits. These “per zone” outside air CFMs are summed to yield the total ventilation required for the building. enVerid’s IAQP calculator makes performing these calculations easy.

What's Inside the HLR 15R Module?

What's inside the enVerid HLR 15R module

Broad Applicability

The HLR 15R is ideally suited to integrate with custom and semi-custom airside systems, including systems with dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) and energy recovery ventilation (ERV) components, in office buildings, schools, universities, and other commercial buildings. 

Proven, Award-Winning Technology

Hundreds of HLR® modules have been specified and installed around the world by leading consulting engineers and HVAC contractors. Air cleaning efficiency has been validated by ASHRAE 145.2 testing, and energy savings have been field validated by multiple utilities who have provided incentives for installing HLR modules as well as by the U.S. Department of Energy. Unlike many other air cleaning technologies, independent lab tests show that HLR modules do not produce any byproducts. In 2019, enVerid Sorbent Ventilation Technology received the AHR Expo Product of the Year Award, the most prestigious award for an HVAC product. 

AHR Expo 2019 Product of the Year enVerid HLR

HLR 15R Outdoor Module Specifications

Outdoor Installation Insulated curb or above roof on equipment support
Construction Double-wall, insulated, powder-coated galvanized steel
Sorbent Filters per Set 12
Typical Airflow (Adsorption) 700-800 SCFM 1,190-1,360 CMH
Typical Airflow (Regeneration) 250-300 SCFM 425-510 CMH
Static Pressure added to AHU fan None
Sound Power Level 68 dBA
Maximum Allowed External Static Pressure 0.2” WG / 50 Pa
Maintenance Two-year Sorbent Filter replacement
Operating Life 20+ years with scheduled maintenance
Module Shipping/Lifting Weight 925 lbs 420 kg
Sorbent Filter Shipping Weight 200 lbs 91 kg
Installation (Module only)t 865 lbs 392 kg
Operating (with Cartridges)t 1045 lbs 474 kg
Height (including Rail) 49” 1,245 mm
Width (Includes Exhaust Hood) 87” 2,210 mm
Depth (Allow Additional 48” / 1,219 mm Clearance on Front and Back for Service) 36” 914 mm
Ducts (Indoor Air Inlet and Clean Air Outlet) 65” x 22.75” 165 mm x 578 mm
Cellular Link 3G / 4G
BMS Integration BACnet over MSTP or Hardwire
Voltage (VAC) Frequency (Hz) MCA MOCP
208 V 60 Hz 34.3 Amp 35 Amp
277 V 60 Hz 30.6 Amp 35 Amp
240 V 50 Hz 28.4 Amp 30 Amp
208 V 277 V 230 V
Adsorption Mode 300 W 300 W 300 W
Regeneration Mode 5,800 W 6,800 W 5,540 W
Start/Stop Binary Input to HLR Module
Fire Signal Binary Input to HLR Module
HLR Status Analog Output from HLR Module
Indoor Air CO2 Sensor Analog Output from HLR Module
Indoor Air TVOC Sensor Analog Output from HLR Module
HLR Module Safety UL 1995:2015 Ed.5 CSA C22.2#236:2015 ed.5
Sorbent Filter Bank and Sorbent Filters UL 900:2015 Ed.8
Air Cleaning Efficiency ASHRAE 145.2

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