Improved Air Quality, Lower HVAC Costs

The HLR 100M module uses Sorbent Ventilation Technology™ to provide improved indoor air quality and dramatically lower HVAC costs by cleaning indoor air so that it can be safely recirculated. The HLR 100M complies with ASHRAE Standard 62.1, is easily integrated with most HVAC system designs, and delivers a significant number of LEED and WELL points. When combined with high-efficiency filters, the HLR 100M can be used to deliver safe indoor air quality for COVID-19 mitigation with less outside air. This award-winning, industry proven-technology helps owners meet their air quality, carbon reduction, and energy goals with the easiest, most cost-effective air cleaning solution on the market. 

enVerid HLR 100M
Improve Air Quality
Save Energy & Reduce Carbon
Reduce Costs
Install Easily
Earn LEED and WELL Points
No Byproducts
HLR100M How it Works

How the HLR 100M Works

Indoor Air Cleaning – One or more HLR 100M modules can be installed on the return or supply air side of an air handling unit (AHU) or independent of the AHU. Air is drawn into the HLR 100M by internal fans, which push the air through sorbent filters that capture and remove gaseous contaminants including VOCs like formaldehyde from the air stream. Without producing any byproducts, the HLR 100M then pushes clean air back into the return air stream or space. By cleaning recirculated air, outside air ventilation rates can be safely reduced by up to 85%, and new HVAC equipment can be downsized, using the ASHRAE Standard 62.1 IAQ Procedure. 

What’s Inside the HLR 100M Module?

enVerid 100M Schematic

Broad Applicability

The HLR 100M is a small indoor HLR module that integrates with a wide range of central or zone-based HVAC systems found in offices, institutional buildings, conditioned warehouses and distribution centers, and other commercial building types that fall under ASHRAE Standard 62.1. Given its small size, flexible orientations and simple installation, the HLR 100M is ideally suited for existing building retrofits and new construction.

Proven, Award-Winning Technology

Hundreds of HLR® modules have been designed and installed around the world by leading consulting engineers and HVAC contractors. Air cleaning efficiency has been validated by ASHRAE 145.2 testing, and energy savings have been field validated by multiple utilities who have provided incentives for installing HLR modules as well as by the U.S. Department of Energy. Unlike many other air cleaning technologies, independent lab tests show that HLR modules do not produce any byproducts. In 2021, the HLR 100M was named Product of the Year in the HVAC category by the readers of Consulting-Specifying Engineer. 

CSE Product of the Year Gold Awarded to enVerid HLR 100M

HLR 100M Indoor Module Specifications

Installation Mechanical Room or Air Plenum
Construction Single wall, Insulated, Powder-coated Galvanized Steel
Sorbent Filters per Set 12
Typical Airflow 900 - 1,000 SCFM 1,530 - 1,700 CMH
Static Pressure Increase None
Sound Power Level 55 dBA
Maximum Allowed External Static Pressure 0.3” WG/75 Pa
Maintenance Sorbent Filter replacement every 2 years Pre-Filter replacement every 3-6 months*
Operating Life 20+ years with scheduled maintenance

*Note: Pre-Filter replacement frequency varies based on building conditions. enVerid recommends replacement on the same schedule as other filters.

Fan Speed 0-10 VDC
Start/Stop 24 VAC/DC
Voltage (VAC) Frequency (Hz) MCA MOCP Power Consumption
208 V 60 Hz 3.50 A 15 A 530 W
277 V 60 Hz 3.05 A 15 A 530 W
230 V 50 Hz 3.25 A 15 A 530 W
Module Shipping Weight 150 lbs 68 kg
Sorbent Filter Shipping Weight 198 lbs 90 kg
Installation/Operating Weight 348 lbs 158 kg
HLR 100M DIMENSIONS (Front View)
Length 58.2” / 1,478 mm
Height 24.9” / 631 mm
Depth (Allow Additional 36” Clearance for Sorbent Filter Service) 25.75” / 654 mm
Inlet Duct 17.88” x 17.88” w/ 1.0” flange 454 mm x 454 mm w/ 25 mm flange
Outlet Duct 11.88” x 11.88” w/ 1.0” flange 302 mm x 302 mm w/ 25 mm flange
HLR Module Safety UL 1995:2015 Ed.5 CSA C22.2#236:2015 Ed.5
Sorbent Filter Bank and Sorbent Filters UL 900:2015 Ed.8
Air Cleaning Efficiency ASHRAE 145.2
Compliant under ASHRAE 62.1 and IMC 403.2

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