Our technical expertise encompasses a wide variety of scientific specialties needed to master the complexities of air quality and energy use: chemists and chemical engineers who design sorbents for specific contaminants; air quality experts who understand the algorithms required to maintain clean air; mechanical engineers who deeply understand how building automation works; software and hardware engineers with the knowledge to innovate in sensors and environmental controls.

Networking experts who develop market-leading cloud-based services as part of the Internet-of-Things (IoT); and indoor environment and sustainability experts who partner closely with major government institutions and utilities.

Christian Weeks

Udi Meirav
Founder & President

Israel Biran, Founder and SVP, International Business Development, enVerid Systems
Israel Biran
Founder and SVP, Intl Business Development

Amnon Tamir

Michael Tomovich, enVerid VP of Engineering
Michael Tomovich
VP, Engineering

Doug Engel
SVP, Sales & Marketing

Alex Goodwin
VP of Product Management

Board of Directors

Chris Poirier, Breakthrough Energy Ventures
Chris Poirier
Member, Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Milo Werner
Milo Werner
Partner, Ajax Strategies

Ron Stern, OurCrowd
Ron Stern
General Partner, OurCrowd

Christian Weeks

Udi Meirav
Founder & President

Advisory Board

Jesse Devitte, Building Ventures
Jesse Devitte
Co-Founder, General Partner, Building Ventures

Marwa Zaatari, PhD
Chief Science Officer, Blue Box Air

David Ellowitz, AHA Consulting Engineers
David Ellowitz
Project Executive, AHA Consulting Engineers