The Big Idea

enVerid replaces outdated, inefficient and costly ventilation methods with a practical, proven, energy-saving approach.

Using traditional HVAC systems, all of the air in a building is replaced with air drawn in from outside every one to two hours. This is necessary to remove indoor gas contaminants like carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, it takes a lot of energy to heat or cool the air brought in from outside to a comfortable indoor temperature.  This is why 44% of all energy consumption in commercial buildings comes from HVAC systems.  HLR Technology reduces the heating and cooling load of outside air, making it a vital addition to any HVAC system.

enVerid’s molecular air cleaning system is the first and only technology that can safely and effectively remove all known molecular contaminants from indoor air. Removing these hard-to-capture contaminants decreases the required volume of outside air ventilation and provides more control over air quality. HLR modules are ASHRAE and IMC compliant and meet LEED and other green building standards.

By reducing the required outside airflow into the building, enVerid technology provides these benefits:

Immediate payback

Lower cooling and heating loads means smaller, less expensive HVAC systems.

Less Energy

Annual 20-30% energy savings and reduced HVAC maintenance.

Air Monitoring

24/7 air quality monitoring, differentiating the building and ensuring employees or students perform at their best.

Green Certification

Green building certification – typically 10-12 LEED points for HLR Technology.

Indoor Air Treatment

Patented sorbents automatically clean the inside air of contaminants, including CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde.
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Automated Regeneration

Sorbents cartridges are self-cleaning. Sensors monitor the sorbents for saturation, and then initiate a regeneration process to cleanse the sorbents of captured contaminants. This purges the contaminants into the outside air.

Regeneration is scheduled, managed and timed for optimal performance and minimal energy use.

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Outside Air Management

Electromechanical control of the HVAC system’s outside air damper minimizes the amount of outside air ventilation based on energy and air quality considerations.
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Monitoring and Reporting

Proprietary operational algorithms, control software and communications technology control, record and report all aspects of the HLR system operation. Electronic and technological advances maximize energy savings.
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Conventional Air Handling

Conventional air handling systems replace indoor air with outside air up to 20 times per day. The need to heat or cool air brought in from the outside consumes a lot of energy.

HLR System Air Handling

The HLR® (HVAC Load Reduction) solution minimizes the amount of outside air required to maintain indoor air quality (IAQ), reducing the load on the HVAC system and resulting in significant energy savings.

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