Introducing enVerid’s Comprehensive, Free Guide for Improving Classroom Air Quality for COVID-19 Mitigation

Published 11/16/2020
Mitigating COVID-19 risk in classrooms

The negative effects of poor air quality in the learning environment have been known for years, but the current pandemic underscores the urgent need for schools to address indoor air quality (IAQ) issues now in order to protect students, teachers and staff from the risk of contracting and transmitting COVID-19. Today, enVerid Systems is releasing a helpful free resource for school administrators and facility managers to help them navigate the most effective path to improving classroom air quality. The guide, entitled “The Definitive Guide to Improving Classroom Air Quality for COVID-19 Mitigation” answers key questions about IAQ in the classroom and provides easy-to-implement recommendations to reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission, including COVID-19, in schools. 

Experts recommend at least 5 total air changes per hour (ACH) for classrooms to help ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff during the pandemic. In this guide, we address specific questions we’ve heard during recent conversations schools regarding classroom air quality, explain how schools can establish a benchmark for air exchanges in a typical classroom setting, and discuss different methods to help schools boost their ACH to achieve recommended targets, including the help of in-room HEPA air cleaners. 

We’ve leveraged our own expertise from more than a decade of IAQ innovation, and brought together research, helpful tools and key learnings from trusted resources across the industry to create this all-in-one resource.

The guide includes: 

  • A method to establish a baseline ACH for your classrooms
  • An easy-to-use decision tree to achieve the target of 5 ACH
  • A side-by-side comparison of portable vs fixed air cleaners to help determine the right solution for your school
  • A recommendation on acceptable sound levels for in-room air cleaners to minimize classroom disruption
  • Expert commentary on alternative air cleaning technologies; and
  • A buyer’s checklist for in-room air cleaners

Over the course of the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing information from the guide here on the blog. We understand the incredible pressure that schools are facing at this time, and we are committed to sharing knowledge and resources that help schools find solutions to fit their needs. 

Click below to download the free guide to learn more about COVID-19 mitigation in the classroom.

Read the Definitive Guide to Classroom Air Quality

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