A Buyer’s Checklist for In-Room HEPA Air Cleaners

Published 01/04/2021
By Christian Weeks
How to select an in-room HEPA air purifier

How to select an in-room HEPA air purifierExperts recommend that enclosed gathering spaces at schools and businesses achieve at least 3-5 total air changes per hour (ACH). Many classrooms and office spaces currently don’t meet this minimum. In-room air cleaners are one solution to help bridge the gap between existing ACH and the target.

The good news is that in-room air cleaners allow schools and offices to quickly and cost effectively boost their ACH. What’s tricky, however, is that not all of these solutions are created equal. For schools and businesses that have made the decision to purchase an in-room air cleaner, make sure it:

✓ Is HEPA rated (at least 99.97% efficient down to 0.3 microns)

✓ Delivers sufficient airflow (CFM) to achieve at least 5 ACH for the space intended (may require more than one in-room air cleaner in each classrooms and offices)

✓ Can be centrally located in the space for optimal effectiveness (ceiling mounted is ideal)

✓ Has acceptable sound levels (not more than 50 dBa) at the fan speed necessary to achieve the target ACH

✓ Has settings that cannot be easily manipulated by students or teachers to ensure reliable performance

✓ Meets your needs during the current pandemic and future pandemics (long term solution)

In-room HEPA air cleaners like the enVerid Air Purifier can be part of a comprehensive COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy now for schools and businesses as well as a long term solution to reduce the risk of airborne viruses and other harmful pathogens for years to come. The enVerid Air Purifier is a commercial-grade, ceiling mounted True HEPA air cleaner that’s proven to capture 99.99% of virus particles, including a surrogate for the virus that causes COVID-19.

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This Buyer’s Checklist is one of the helpful tools and resources included in our free Guide to Improving Classroom Air Quality for COVID-19 Mitigation.

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