With Winter Approaching, enVerid Air Purifiers are Ready for Rapid Deployment to Schools Investing in COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

Published 10/21/2020
Clean Air by enVerid: the enVerid Air Purifier

In-room, ceiling-mounted, True HEPA air purifiers provide a quiet, permanent, proven solution for safer, healthier indoor air in schools

Westwood, MA – October 21, 2020 – As school administrators across the country prepare their facilities for winter months, enVerid Systems, a leading provider of indoor air quality solutions, announced today that its in-room, commercial-grade, ceiling-mounted, True HEPA air purifiers are ready for rapid deployment to schools investing in COVID-19 risk mitigation. The enVerid Air Purifier’s HEPA filtration has been proven to capture 99.99% of viruses, including a surrogate for the virus that causes COVID-19.

In early October, the CDC updated its COVID-19 guidelines to acknowledge what many scientists and indoor air quality (IAQ) experts have suggested for several months — airborne transmission of the novel coronavirus can occur in enclosed, poorly ventilated spaces. To mitigate COVID-19 risks, experts recommend 4-6 air changes per hour (ACH) in rooms to improve indoor air quality and help ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff. However, many schools struggle to meet this benchmark, especially if buildings have poor ventilation or outdated HVAC systems. The enVerid Air Purifier provides a cost-effective way to boost air change rates on top of the building’s existing methods by 4-5 times per hour.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is shining the spotlight on indoor air quality like never before and school administrators are facing mounting pressure to identify effective, budget-efficient solutions to keep their schools safe and healthy year-round,” said Christian Weeks, CEO of enVerid Systems. “Building upon a decade of experience in the industry, the enVerid Air Purifier helps schools quickly and cost-effectively reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission with a long-term solution for improving indoor air quality.”

“Schools need simple, easy-to-install and effective ways to increase air change rates in the classroom, and proven solutions like the enVerid Air Purifier offer school communities peace of mind without becoming a distraction in the learning environment,”said Marwa Zaatari, PhD, ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force member and advisory board member for enVerid. “Due to its permanent, ceiling-mounted design, the enVerid Air Purifier works quietly in the background, enabling teachers to focus on teaching.  And because it’s mounted on the ceiling in the center of the room, it offers more reliable air mixing and airflow patterns, which can expedite virus removal and improve overall effectiveness relative to portable options.”

“With respect to air cleaners for airborne pathogens, there is a very clear hierarchy of performance,” says Raefer Wallis, founder of RESET, an international third-party standard that has tracked the air quality of the highest performing projects in the world for almost a decade. “At the very top, we find ceiling-mounted filtration systems that allow for a very high level of control in specific areas because they are ducted and unobstructed by objects in a room. This is extremely important for issues like COVID, where aerosolized viruses can be removed at the source. The next level down is portable filters, which are 20-50% less effective than their ceiling mounted counterparts mainly due to challenges with placement in a space. Last is traditional central filtration systems, which force virus particles to travel a long distance prior to being removed. We are very excited to see enVerid continue to bring best-in-class solutions to market, enabling the achievement of higher indoor air quality standards at such a critical time.”

A Better Solution for Cleaning School Air

The enVerid Air Purifier is both easy to install and cost-effective, removing virus particles from indoor air without the significant expense of upgrading HVAC systems and the “energy penalty” typically associated with conditioning higher volumes of outside air. Unlike filtration-only solutions, it combines a True HEPA filter with optional UVC lamps to both capture and kill viruses. Each unit comes with a wall-mounted LCD display panel for easy monitoring and control.

Compared to portable air purifiers, enVerid’s ceiling-mounted units provide facility managers and school administrators a better solution for cleaning indoor air, saving valuable floor space in classrooms, and allowing for more flexible room placement that minimizes noise and optimizes air flow. Benefits include:

  • Permanent. The enVerid Air Purifier is permanently mounted from the ceiling as a long-term investment in safe, clean indoor air. Depending on an organization’s needs, units can be installed below the ceiling where their visibility provides peace of mind, or out of sight in the ceiling plenum.
  • Optimally-Placed. The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force recommends in-room air purifiers be centrally installed in classrooms and offices to help reduce the spread of viruses and keep air clean.  Additionally, multiple health authorities including the CDC have stated that permanent recirculation systems such as the enVerid Air Purifier are preferred to portable filters because they can be installed with a higher degree of reliability, and because they more reliably achieve adequate room air mixing and airflow patterns due to the distance between the supply and return grills.
  • Quiet Learning Environment. The enVerid Air Purifier’s ceiling-mounted design reduces noise and provides a quieter, more distraction-free classroom experience than portable units.
  • Space-Efficient, Cordless and Tamper Free. The enVerid Air Purifier provides a safe, cordless, tamper-free air cleaning solution for learning environments. Being tamper-free ensures that less ongoing maintenance is required to maintain peak performance.
  • Validated by Testing. LMS Technologies, a U.S.-based independent air media and filter testing company, found the enVerid Air Purifier captures 99.99% of viruses from air passing through the filter. enVerid’s Air Purifier is one of the only local filtration products to undergo independent lab testing for a surrogate virus for SARS-CoV-2.
  • Fast, Easy Installation. The enVerid Air Purifier has an easy-to-install design and can be quickly installed at schools with the help of a contractor over a weekend or holiday break.
  • Scalable. A single enVerid Air purifier has the capacity to cover rooms up to 1,000 sq ft, the size of a typical classroom. Multiple units can be added to clean the air in larger school spaces such as hallways and school entryways.

Additional information about the enVerid Air Purifier can be found here.

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