Retrofit Magazine: Improve IAQ while Reducing Annual HVAC Energy Costs (with enVerid’s HLR 100M)

Published 04/14/2021
Retrofit Magazine

Retrofit MagazineRetrofit Magazine featured enVerid’s new HLR 100M Module, saying:

The HLR 100M, like enVerid’s existing HLR products, removes all the ASHRAE-defined “contaminants of concern” from indoor air so that load can be reduced on HVAC systems by safely recirculating indoor air. By employing HLR technology, buildings can achieve a 40 percent savings on their HVAC energy usage, meeting energy efficiency and decarbonization goals while reducing operating costs. The payback period for the HLR 100M’s target applications, including installation costs, ranges from immediate to under five years, depending on climate zone, energy rates, operating hours and utility incentives.

Read the article here.

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