Retrofit Magazine: enVerid Systems Air Purifier to Be Sold by Trane Technologies

Published 09/02/2021
Retrofit Magazine

Retrofit MagazineRetrofit Magazine shared the news that Trane will now sell the enVerid Air Purifier as part of its Wellsphere portfolio of air cleaning solutions. According to the article:

“Ceiling-mounted HEPA filtration units are preferred by IAQ experts for COVID-19 transmission mitigation for a number of reasons, most importantly because they maximize air flow given their unobstructed location and optimized placement in the center of a room and because they are quieter to operate than most portable units.”

“With respect to air cleaners for airborne pathogens, there is a very clear hierarchy of performance,” said Raefer Wallis, global indoor air quality expert and Founder of RESET. “At the very top, we find ceiling-mounted filtration systems that allow for a very high level of control in specific areas because they are ducted and unobstructed by objects in a room. This is extremely important for issues like COVID-19, where aerosolized viruses can be reduced at the source. The next level down is portable filters, which can be 20-50 percent less effective than their ceiling mounted counterparts mainly due to challenges with placement in a space.”

Read the article here.

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