Retail & Restaurant Facility Business: Clean Air Action

Published 10/23/2020
Restaurant & Retail Facility Business

Restaurant & Retail Facility BusinessenVerid SVP of Sales & Marketing Doug Engel has written a piece in Retail and Restaurant Facility Business on protecting associates and guests in restaurant and retail settings from COVID-19. Doug offers these pointers for businesses evaluating the possibility of adding air purifiers:

  • Look for independent testing that has verified that purifiers work as they claim.
  • Look for ceiling-mounted units to prevent tripping hazards or unplugging and moving units in a busy store or restaurant.
  • Make sure that you’re getting a sturdy and durable commercial- or industrial-grade unit, not a residential machine.
  • Pay attention to the number of air changes per hour the units will deliver, and make sure that together with your existing HVAC system, they will bring your facility to the recommended five air changes per hour to keep the viral load low. You may need more than one unit to adequately treat the space.
  • Consider units that include UV-C lights inside, not to clean the air (a controversial claim because of the speed at which the air moves through the unit vs. the longer time needed for UV light to sterilize the air) but instead to continuously clean the filters.
  • Be sure that ceiling-mount purifiers have wall-mounted control panels. You don’t want to have to send someone up a ladder to monitor the status of the purifier.
  • Consider the reassurance that seeing an air filter installed below the ceiling might provide to your customers. Although just as effective when installed in the plenum, a visible air purifier may offer peace of mind. Just make sure that it is installed at the proper height (too high or too low will not be effective on the air your customers are actually breathing).

Read the article here.

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