Propmodo cites enVerid white paper in “Finding Contamination Hot Spots”

Published 09/21/2020
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PropmodoPropmodo opens today’s article entitled “Finding Contamination Hot Spots: Why ventilation and air flow matter” with a citation of our white paper “HVAC Design in Commercial Buildings to Mitigate COVID-19: Improve Filtration, Don’t Increase Ventilation“.

The piece opens: “Indoor air quality could be the most important factor in building health right now” and goes on to say “A recent white paper from Enverid that examines different ventilation and filtration solutions with comparisons of cost and effectiveness defines bioaerosols as ‘airborne particles smaller than five microns that contain viruses.’” Summarizing our paper, the article states “key findings from Enverid’s white paper conclude that “increasing OA [outside air] ventilation adds material cost without significantly reducing the risk of airborne transmission,” arguing that this technique makes it more difficult to control humidity and pollution levels from outside air, hence increasing operational costs.”

Read the article on Propmodo.

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