E&E News: A cooling system that won’t heat Earth (as much)(paywall)

Published 07/02/2021
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E&E News LogoE&E News’ Climatewire included an article about enVerid’s HVAC Load Reduction (HLR) Modules. The article is behind a subscriber paywall, but the relevant sections say:

“A company founded by two Israeli scientists is attempting to shake up the U.S. air conditioning market with a breakthrough device that purifies and then recycles indoor air. The technology being sold by enVerid Systems of Westwood, Mass., relies upon what it calls an “indoor air scrubber module” to filter out carbon dioxide and other pollutants, including wildfire smoke, from buildings. It is a process that the company claims will keep buildings cool and healthy while cutting annual energy use by 20% to 30%.”

“Then he discovered that traditional air conditioning continually brings in outside air, cools it and then pumps a lot of it back outdoors. ‘I thought, wait a minute,’ Meirav explained in an interview. ‘If you’re going to constantly kick out all that air that you’ve been working so hard to cool and bring in new air from outside that’s hot and humid, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.”

Read the article here.

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