Chiller & Cooling Best Practices: Daikin Upgrades IAQ Technology in Rebel Applied Rooftop Unit

Published 09/14/2021
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Chiller & Cooling Best Practices logoChiller and Cooling Best Practices recently covered the launch of the upgraded Daikin Rebel Applied RTU, featuring enVerid Sustainable Ventilation Technology™. The article quotes both Jim Macosko of Daikin and Christian Weeks of enVerid Systems:

“Rebel Applied has already set the standard for high-performance design and efficiency, pairing unlimited configurability with the lowest lifecycle cost,” said Jim Macosko, general manager of applied air handler management at Daikin Applied. “Adding enVerid SVT to this packaged system delivers superior air quality, and the ability to cut energy use and carbon emissions. It changes how buildings can be designed to further both IAQ and decarbonization efforts.”

“Simply bringing in large amounts of outside air to dilute indoor pollutants is not sustainable,” said Christian Weeks, CEO of enVerid Systems. “Worse, it’s counterproductive when outside air is polluted. The solution is maximizing indoor air cleaning and supplementing with the outside air needed to maintain building pressure. SVT enables this ‘clean first’ approach and, when combined with Daikin’s flagship rooftop unit, delivers better IAQ more efficiently with smaller systems that cost less.”

Read the full article here.

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