BBC: How clean is the air in your office? (featuring enVerid)

Published 12/14/2020
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BBC logoThe BBC wrote about the eventual return of workers to offices in 2021 as increasing numbers of the population are vaccinated against COVID-19. Citing both employee fears and the presence of many additional air contaminants in offices, the article examines some approaches to monitoring and reliably cleaning office air, stating for example that:

“We all breathe out CO2, but if amounts are even slightly raised, numerous studies show that it can impair a person’s thinking and decision making.

The article quotes CEO Christian Weeks on current demand for enVerid HLR technology:

“[We} have seen “unprecedented amounts of enquiries” this year. He says that his firm’s technology, which attaches to a building’s HVAC system, removes viruses and other contaminants using “sophisticated sorbents [absorbent materials] to scrub the air… at the molecular level”.”

Read the article here.

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