Austin Peace Academy Installs enVerid Systems’ Ceiling-Mounted HEPA Air Purifiers for COVID-19 Protection and Ongoing Healthy Air

Published 04/06/2021
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Austin, TX – April 6, 2021 – Austin Peace Academy (APA), a private PreK-12 school, has selected enVerid Systems’ ceiling-mounted, True HEPA Air Purifier to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in its school facilities and to provide a permanent indoor air quality (IAQ) solution.

In response to the pandemic, APA shifted to online learning for its PreK-12 students. With a goal of getting its students back to in-person classes in March, the Academy sought in-room air cleaning units for its facilities.

“We wanted a solution that would reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission today and improve indoor air quality for the long term,” said Diana Abdi, Austin Peace Academy’s Head of School. “Initially, we considered other air cleaning technologies but ultimately decided that proven HEPA filtration was the safest and most effective choice. enVerid’s Air Purifier units are ideal for our school because they are installed in the ceiling, which makes them very quiet, and they do not take up valuable floor space. We now have a durable long-term solution to reduce the risk of transmission for our students and staff – and community members who use our facilities – for COVID-19 as well as allergens, particulate matter and flus.”

The enVerid Air Purifier is quieter than portable HEPA units due to its ceiling location and ducting that helps to muffle sound. Multiple reports have also highlighted that fixed mounted units, such as the enVerid Air Purifier, are preferred over portable units because they have a greater degree of reliability for achieving adequate room air mixing and airflow patterns, which are important for optimal effectiveness. The enVerid Air Purifier’s other benefits include permanent, tamper-free installation that frees up valuable floor space and doesn’t require cords, which present a trip hazard. APA installed 22 enVerid Air Purifiers in the school’s classrooms, offices, and prayer meeting room.

“There is a new appreciation of the importance of indoor air quality in schools, not just to mitigate COVID-19 but to guard against a variety of airborne contaminants,” said Christian Weeks, CEO of enVerid Systems. “Air quality experts recommend schools employ advanced HEPA filtration options that are proven to be highly effective and don’t present concerns about harmful byproducts. Our Air Purifier offers a robust and durable solution that reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission now and offers students and staff healthy air quality into the future.”

To mitigate COVID-19 risks, experts recommend 4-6 air changes per hour (ACH) in classrooms to improve indoor air quality and help ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff. However, many schools struggle to meet this benchmark, especially if buildings have poor ventilation or outdated HVAC systems. The enVerid Air Purifier provides a cost-effective way to increase air change rates by 4-5 times per hour without requiring other upgrades to existing building systems.

A Better Solution for Cleaning School Air

The enVerid Air Purifier is easy to install and cost-effective, removing virus particles from indoor air without the significant expense of upgrading HVAC systems and the “energy penalty” typically associated with conditioning the higher volumes of outside air that come with increased ventilation. Unlike filtration-only solutions, the enVerid Air Purifier combines a True HEPA filter with optional UVC lamps to both capture and kill viruses. Each unit comes with a wall-mounted LCD display panel for easy monitoring and control. A single enVerid Air Purifier has the capacity to cover rooms up to 1,000 sq. ft., the size of a typical classroom. Multiple units can be added to clean the air in larger spaces such as hallways and school entryways.

The enVerid Air Purifier is one of the only local filtration products to undergo independent lab testing against a surrogate virus for SARS-CoV-2. LMS Technologies, a U.S.-based independent air media and filter testing company, found the enVerid Air Purifier captures 99.99% of viruses from air passing through the filter.

About Austin Peace Academy

Austin Peace Academy (APA) is a nationally accredited, full-time Islamic school located in Austin, Texas, providing high quality education to each student in an Islamic environment. APA aims to prepare its students for a life of academic success, personal fulfillment, and service and leadership to the community. The school sets high standards for academic achievement and honorable behavior in line with Islamic principles and values. APA is committed to maintaining an environment that enables our students to achieve intellectual as well as spiritual growth.

Please visit apacademy.org.

About enVerid Systems, Inc.

enVerid Systems helps buildings achieve ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), healthy building, and cost saving goals by improving indoor air quality while saving money and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. For new HVAC systems, enVerid’s award-winning HVAC Load Reduction® (HLR) modules enable immediate capital cost savings. HLR modules also deliver up to 40% HVAC energy savings and superior indoor air quality in new and existing buildings. enVerid’s air filtration products remove particulate and microorganism contamination from indoor air without the significant cost of upgrading mechanical systems and increasing mechanical ventilation rates. enVerid’s products are deployed in commercial, academic, and government buildings globally. enVerid’s HLR Modules are ASHRAE Standard 62.1, LEED®, and WELL compliant and eligible for utility rebates. For more information, please visit https://enverid.com.

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