ASHRAE Journal August 2021: Energy and IEQ Innovation Drive Adaptive Reuse Design

Published 08/18/2021
ASHRAE Journal

The August 2021 edition of ASHASHRAE Journal TLC Engineering South Florida Collaboratory August 2021RAE Journal features an article about the 2021 ASHRAE Technology Awards Honorable Mention-winning Southwest Florida Community Foundation Collaboratory, sited in a historic building in Fort Myers, FL. Authored by TLC Engineering’s Lawrin T. Ellis, P.E., Member ASHRAE; Cory Duggin, P.E., BEMP, Member ASHRAE; Carmine Rende Jr., P.E., Life Member ASHRAE; and Alyssa Faircloth, Associate Member ASHRAE, the piece examines how enVerid air scrubbing technology integrated with a DOAS and VRF system to achieve 7 LEED points under pilot credit EQpc124, delivering excellent indoor air quality cost-effectively.

A dedicated outdoor air system coupled with gas-phase air scrubbers optimize the outdoor air volume in the renovation and addition of an historic Fort Myers, Fla., building. This resulted in rates below the minimum required for the ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010 Ventilation Rate Procedure (VRP). In addition, contaminant concentrations stay well below Standard 62.1-2010 VRP design concentrations even during events, resulting in enhanced air quality.”

Read an excerpt here and read our case study here.

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