Our mission is to make the world a cleaner, healthier place – both inside and out.

We do this by developing products that deliver cost savings and healthier indoor air quality (IAQ) for the built environment.

The Problem We Solve

Buildings account for approximately 40% of global carbon emissions, and heating and cooling of outside air is the single largest energy consumer and contributor to their emissions. Traditional commercial HVAC designs rely on massive volumes of outside air to maintain acceptable indoor air quality, resulting in oversized HVAC equipment and often a 30-50% waste in HVAC energy consumption. To eliminate this waste, enVerid’s HLR technology cleans a building’s indoor air at a molecular level, enabling the building to use far less outside air ventilation while improving indoor air quality. Buildings can then invest in smaller, less expensive HVAC systems to realize immediate capital cost savings and enjoy up to 40% ongoing annual HVAC energy savings for the life of the equipment.

The result is a win-win-win: less costly HVAC equipment, lower operating costs and energy and carbon intensity, and better indoor air quality. enVerid’s HLR technology is the only solution that removes all the contaminants of concern from indoor air called out by ASHRAE Standard 62.1, the Standard for Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality, and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), including carbon dioxide (CO2), aldehydes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter (PM2.5). The use of HLR technology to reduce outside air ventilation rates is fully compliant with ASHRAE’s performance-based Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP), which is part of Standard 62.1, and qualifies users for a significant number of LEED and WELL points. Deploying HLR technology globally has the potential to reduce over 300 million tons of carbon emissions each year by 2050.

Awards & Recognition

AHR Expo 2019 Product of the Year enVerid HLR
CSE Product of the Year Gold Awarded to enVerid HLR 100M
The Clean Fight 2020 Official Selection Badge
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CHPS Member 2021
Member, Northeast Clean Energy Council
ASPIRE Founding Member
Member, NAESCO
Member, Urban Green Council

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