enVerid One of 53 Startups that will take off in 2016 According to Silicon Valley’s Top Venture Capitalists


enVerid makes the list because its HLR solution “Cleans the air, saves huge energy, makes big bucks … the posterboy company for the post-Paris climate-change conference.”

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Increasing Ventilation is NOT the Answer to Recent Harvard Study on CO2


A landmark public health study by Harvard School of Public Health published on October 26, 2015 concluded that carbon dioxide has a direct and negative impact on human cognition and decision-making. The results confirm and bolster an older study on the negative impacts of elevated levels of CO2, bringing this issue to the forefront as a concern that must be addressed.

HLR® Technology One of Seven Selected by GPG


The HLR (HVAC Load Reduction) technology is one of seven innovative building technologies selected for evaluation in federal and commercial buildings. The GPG, Green Proving Ground Program, announced the seven technologies selected from last year’s RFI distributed jointly by the GSA and DOE.

enVerid in PRSM Magazine


enVerid’s HLR energy saving solution was featured in the July/August issue of PRSM magazine in an article by Josh Carter of LVR Energy and Mechanical.

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PRSM Association Releases 2015 Best Practices Book for Retail FM

New Compilation Includes How Can HVAC Emerging Technologies Lower Your Cost of Ownership and Extend the Life of Your Assets? By LVR Energy & Mechanical

enVerid Systems Receives Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Technology Innovation Award for its Energy-Saving HVAC Load-Reduction Technology


HLR™ System Recognized for its Ingenuity in Significantly Reducing HVAC Energy Consumption

Air-Filtration Technology Helps Buildings Reduce Energy Use, Costs


Featured Story in HPAC Engineering, by Hal Conick

As he sat in a Washington, D.C., airport terminal, enVerid CEO Udi Meirav wondered how much money could be saved with a simple change.

“The air is good in this terminal because it’s going through expensive efforts to filter it from the outside,” he said. “If you can reduce the amount of air from the outside, you can save costs from filtering all of the jet fuel fumes … You’re talking millions of dollars per year with this technology.”

enVerid Systems is Named in the 2014 Global Cleantech 100’s Ones to Watch List

List Recognizes Upcoming Private Companies in Clean Technology

HOUSTON, November 6, 2014: enVerid Systems today announced it was named in the 2014 Global Cleantech 100’s Ones to Watch list, produced by Cleantech Group, whose mission is to connect corporates to sustainable innovation through the i3 market intelligence platform, expert consulting services, and global events.

enVerid Systems Receives DOE Funding for Energy-Saving HVAC Technology

HOUSTON — enVerid Systems announced that it has been awarded $2.4 million through a cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to accelerate the deployment of the company’s new HVAC Load Reduction (HLR™) technology for buildings.

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enVerid Systems Receives DOE Award for Energy-Saving HVAC Technology

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– enVerid Systems today announced it has been awarded $2.4 million through a Cooperative Agreement from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to accelerate the deployment of the company’s new energy saving technology for buildings.

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